Family tries to pay for funeral months after woman's death

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Gail Edwards lost her life to cancer in May, but her family can't afford a proper burial.

A Houston woman is still trying to bury her sister months after her death. The family says although the funeral home has lowered their bill considerably, they still can't afford to pay.

Gail Edwards lost her life to cancer in May.

"We've always been together, lived together, by each other," said Glenda Velez.

Gail's sister, Glenda, and Glenda's daughter, Priscilla, cared for Gail until the end, and afterwards, did what they could -- barbecue benefits and a GoFundMe page -- to pay for a proper funeral.

"We tried to raise money, to make money, and it ended up falling in on us," said Prescilla. "It's all crashed on us."

Funeral quotes were for several thousand dollars. They finally found Claire Brothers for about $3,000, but haven't been able to come up with the money.

"It's heartbreaking because I don't want to lose my mom because of her sadness," said Priscilla. "What if she goes because of the sadness of my aunt."

Glenda says Claire Brothers dropped the price, offering a simple viewing and cremation for $1,000. But they have $750 left to raise.

"They're not going to charge me a holding fee or anything, just the $750, and I bought her some jewelry and a beautiful white dress and I just want to see her in it before she goes," she said.

We have left messages for Claire Brothers, to ask what might happen next for this family. As for right now, Glenda says she's simply not sure.

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