Interns and teacher not paid for their work at summer camp

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Interns and teacher not paid for their work at summer camp

The chance to be a paid intern at a summer camp seemed like a dream first job for two cousins.

They worked as interns for a summer camp at Reynolds Elementary School. "I thought I worked hard and I was expected to get paid. It ended up hurting me at the end," said Randal Hughes.

Seventeen-year-old Randal, and 16-year-old Nia Hughes still haven't collected their cash from the Enrichment Programs of Texas, or TEPOT.

Their teacher Rain Heard -- who also worked at the camp inside Reynolds Elementary School -- says she's owned more than 1,600 bucks. "They worked really hard and I hate that this had to be their first job, and they're not getting rewarded for all their hard work. It's asinine," she said.

When reached by phone the program director Tammi Humphrey blamed the paycheck delay for 15 staffers at Spring ISD. She released a letter from her attorney, which accuses the district of causing more than $239,000 in lost revenue by not sending out program flyers, not providing custodian or police services and not even basic air conditioning.

"I just want the interns to know, I apologize for Spring ISD for not providing us the tools to complete the program."

Spring ISD wrote in a statement: "We are not aware of any pending litigation and are looking into the allegations that were made by Ms. Humphrey and the Enrichment Programs of Texas (TEPOT). What we can confirm at this time is that she rented space at Reynolds Elementary, a Spring ISD school, and as of today, has not provided payment."

"Due to it not being safe, it had to stop. We paid good money. We paid for a service that was exceptional," said school parent, Batrice Mcdanielwatts.

while some parents back the program, those who worked hard for five weeks say they just want what they were promised.
"You have a duty and a responsibility to the teachers, to pay us something, " said Heard.

"I feel unappreciated. I'm not getting money for it. I'm not getting paid, " said Hughes.

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