HFD helps man achieve dream of attending Lakewood Church

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Man achieved his dream of attending Lakewood Church with the help of HFD. (KTRK)

When a man showed up last week at Houston Fire Department Station 16, he was looking to rinse off with the outdoor hose.

The firefighters there did much better than that for him.

"You could tell he was sun-beaten," said Captain Al Castillo.

"We offered him a shower, and then everyone started getting clothing that they had to give to him," said Castillo. "I actually gave him one of my favorite polo shirts I've had for years, but I gave it to him and thought he actually needs this more than I do. At that moment, you could just see the tears in his eyes."

Pretty soon the man, named Herald, was telling the firefighters his story and having a meal.

"Meat loaf, green beans, and mashed potatoes," said Castillo. "He ate it quick, really quick, you could tell he was hungry."

Captain Al Castillo says Herald told him and other firefighters he was originally from Cuba, had lived in Mexico, but was in Houston trying to fulfill a big dream.

"I heard him say something about Joel Osteen and he reached in his pocket and pulled out a Bible, it was a little red book, fit right in his pocket," said firefighter Chris Mixon.

That small book had led him on a faith-filled journey.

"From Florida and Mexico, he's seen Joel Osteen, the church, and that's one of the things he wanted. It was one of his dreams," said Castillo.

As a final favor, the firefighters loaded Herald into an Uber car and sent him off to see Lakewood Church. The church has shared Castillo's Facebook post, telling Herald's story. No one has tracked Herald down yet, but the firefighters wish him well.

"I hope he's somewhere trying to get a better life for himself," said Castillo.

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