Houston kids get a surprise trip to the 2016 Rio Olympics

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A brother and sister who both received liver transplants get a special surprise from Ronald McDonald House.

There was music and fanfare this afternoon for the children staying at the Ronald McDonald House Houston. They were celebrating a "Road to Rio Olympic Party," and taking time to forget about the next doctor visit.

Among the kids, were sister and brother, Nadia and Brice Munoz. They received a huge surprise: a trip for their family to the Olympic Games.

Their mother and father had known for weeks, but had not yet told the kids, until Ronald McDonald himself gave the kids the good news.

"It's very emotional, they've been through a lot and just to give them the opportunity to be there," said their mother, Nora Munoz.

Nadia is eight years old and loves gymnastics. Her brother, Brice is twelve and loves track, but he's sure his own school's competitions are nothing like this.

"I see a few people but there's probably going to be a lot more people there," mused Brice.

The Munoz kids have each survived a liver transplant necessary due to a genetic condition. They've practically grown up at the Ronald McDonald House Houston, and the staff was happy to nominate them for the journey, according to Leslie Bourne of Ronald McDonald House Houston.

"They're participating in the opening ceremony, and there are about 100 children McDonald's has chosen to send to the Olympics."

Olympic Gold Medalist, Chad Hedrick, is one of several athletes brought in to spend the afternoon with the kids and make them all feel special.

He says the Munoz family is in for quite a treat. "They're gonna be on cloud nine. I remember as an athlete representing my country, and all the adrenaline, and you look up in the stands, the lights, the cameras and all the different countries," said Hedrick.

After years of staying close to the hospital for emergencies, this family will simply enjoy traveling together, said dad Gabriel.

"Hopefully, I get to make more memories with them."

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