Investigating gunman's ties to anti-government group

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Investigating gunman's ties to anti-government group

Two fatal police shootings in two weeks.

"It appears to me to be open season on police right now," James Conway, president of Global Intel Strategies, said. "I think what sparked it is the concern about the shooting by police officers of folks around the country in attempts to arrest them. Some of those shootings have been bad shootings. Some of them are still out there. They're under investigation."

According to ABC News, federal authorities are looking into what ties if any that the Baton Rouge shooter, Gavin Long, may have with the Moorish Science Temple of America. The ABC source says the F.B.I inquiry is based on the shooter's interest in the group on Facebook.

The feds say this is an anti-government group and movement that the FBI has been watching for a long time.

"He's not from BR. He's from KC. So why did he travel there?" Conway said.

"Who's behind him? Who directed him? Who's he linked to? Is this part of a larger terroristic plot?"

A rep for the Moorish Society here in Houston told ABC-13 that they have no connection to Long, and that he absolutely did not act on behalf of the group.

Eyewitness News is working to confirm what, if any, ties Gavin Long had in Houston.

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