Fight over trash can escalates into gunfight between neighbors

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Two people were injured after a fight between neighbors turned violent (KTRK)

Two neighbors pulled out their guns and opened fire after a fight over a trash can.

The shooting happened around 6:30pm Tuesday night at a home on Detroit's west side.

Detroit Police Capt. John Svec says 30 rounds were fired between the two neighbors.

"It's just a little hard to believe that an argument over a garbage can escalate into two people shot," Svec says.

Police says during the fight, one of the neighbors called for family members to join the fight. That is when the shots began to fly.

Shell casings littered the roadway by the time officers arrived.

A 48-year old man was left in serious condition, while a 26-year-old was stable when they were taken to the hospital.

Svec says the minor argument escalated to a point it should never have reached.

"Someone's going to end up going to jail or killed," Svec says. "It's just not worth it."

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