Tattoo artist uses markers to give man with Down Syndrome some "ink"

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Joe Figueroa worked his magic on 20-year-old Jacob Robicheaux. (KTRK)

An Alvin tattoo artist's act of kindness has captured the hearts of hundreds of people on social media. It all started when Joe Figueroa posted a photo on Facebook.

The young man in the photo with Figueroa is 20-year-old Jacob Robicheaux. Jacob's mom, Cathy said Jacob was born with Down Syndrome, but has always wanted a tattoo.

"His older sisters have tattoos and so does his brother-in-law and his sister's boyfriend," said Cathy Robicheaux.

Robicheaux did some research on the Talk of Alvin Facebook page to find a tattoo artist willing to give her son a fake tattoo. Robicheaux said Figueroa, who is a tattoo artist at was the first to respond directly to her request.

Figueroa came into work on his day off in order to give Jacob some ink.

"I purchased the markers, Jacob picked the design and I colored it in on him," said Figueroa.

It's the first time in Figueroa's career he's ever given someone a tattoo using Sharpie markers, but Jacob is beyond pleased.

"He's even refusing to wash it," said Robicheaux. "Jacob works at the movie theater and he is refusing to wear long-sleeve shirts to work because he wants to show off his tattoo."

Robicheaux said Figueroa did the tattoo for free and wouldn't even let her reimburse him for the cost of the markers.

"He didn't do this at all for the publicity, but he deserves it," said Robicheaux.

Figueroa is not sure how long the tattoo will last, but offered to touch up the tattoo for Jacob at any time free of charge.

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