10 of the wildest Guinness World Records

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Who knew there was a record for this? It's now owned by a Georgia company. (KTRK)

As we celebrate the inclusion of our own Dave Ward in the Guinness World Records for the Longest Career as a Television News Broadcaster, it seemed like a good time to visit some of the lesser known, or just plain unusual, world records.

Most Smarties/M&Ms eaten in One Minute Blindfolded Using Chopsticks
The most M&Ms eaten in one minute blindfolded is 20 and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA), at the Sri Chimnoy Centre in New York, New York, USA, on 8 December 2011.

Largest Human Mattress Dominoes
The largest human mattress dominoes is 1,200 people, achieved by Aaron's, Inc. in National Harbor, Maryland, USA on 22 March 2016.

Fastest Internet Connection (Country)
According to Cisco, South Korea has the best broadband service in the world, with an average download throughput of 33.5 megabits per second - nearly three times the speed of second-place Hong Kong - an average upload throughput of 17 megabits per second - more than twice that of Hong Kong, and has 100 percent broadband penetration.

Most Juice Extracted from Grapes by Treading in Two Minutes (Individual)
The most juice extracted from grapes by treading in two minutes (individual) is 20.3 litres (4.47 gal) and was acheived by Martina Servaty (Germany) on the set of Guinness World Records - Die Grssten Weltrekorde in Cologne, Germany, on 13 September 2008.

Fastest Time to Drink One Litre of Lemon Juice Through a Straw
The fastest time to drink one litre of lemon juice through a straw is 22.75 seconds and was achieved by Dennis "The Menace" Bermudez (USA), in New York, New York, USA, on 17 May 2016.

Farthest Arrow Shot Using Feet
The farthest arrow shot into a target using the feet is 6.09 m (20 ft) and was achieved by Nancy Siefker (USA) on the set of 'Guinness World Records Unleashed' in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 20 June 2013.

Most Spoons Balanced on the Face
The most spoons balanced on the face is 31 and was achieved by Dalibor Jablanovic (Serbia), in Stubica, Serbia, on 28 September 2013.

Heaviest Cabbage
The heaviest cabbage weighed 62.71 kg (138.25 lb) and was presented at the Alaska State Fair by Scott A. Robb (USA) in Palmer, Alaska, USA, on 31 August 2012.

Hottest Chili
The hottest chili is Smokin Ed's 'Carolina Reaper', grown by The PuckerButt Pepper Company (USA), which rates at an average of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), according to tests conducted by Winthrop University in South Carolina, USA, throughout 2012.

Farthest Tightrope Walk in High Heels
The farthest tightrope walk in high heels is 15.00 m and was achieved by Oxana Seroshtan (Russia) on the set of 'Lo Show dei Record' in Milan, Italy, on 10 July 2014.
SOURCE: Guinness World Records

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