As temperatures increase, employees learn to deal with the heat

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Marla Carter takes a look at how employees are beating the heat. (KTRK)

Getting your clothes pressed and steamed at the cleaners is certainly a hot job, especially when the temperature is nearly 130 degrees inside.

"It feels like you can't breathe. Like you're running 100 miles an hour ," said Glenda Martinez of Cindy's Cleaners.

Martinez has been working in the dry cleaning business for almost 20 years.

"In the beginning, it was crazy. I wanted to run out but you get to know the customers and you get to know the business and it's a pretty nice job. The only thing is, it's really hot," said Martinez.

It gets in excess of 130 degrees in the dry cleaning plant, that's even with the AC on. On top of that, the steam makes it extra humid.

Martinez said Cindy's Cleaners is the only plant she knows of in the metro that even has air conditioning. She says most plants go without AC.

To stay cool the employees drink lots of water and use the fans and AC to stay cool.

"We do what we can to keep them cool because we can't afford for one of them to faint and go to the hospital," said Martinez.

It can happen easily enough. A man working on a 50-foot high sign in Tomball was overcome by the heat on Tuesday The man worked for an LED company. The sign was enclosed, making it harder for air flow and trapping heat inside. The man had to be rescued by emergency crews.

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Man rescued from sign after heat problems, Marla Carter reports.

"Some of those who work outside, think they get used to it, but you never truly get used to it," said Norm Uhl with Cypress Creek EMS.

Even employees at the dealership who stand outside to sell cars have had to cope with the heat. They wear light clothing and take breaks.

While all of these jobs may expose employees to extreme heat, heat exhaustion can happen quickly. The best advice drink lots of water, limit your time outside and wear light, breathable clothing.

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