Orlando massacre renews gun control fight

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The Orlando massacre is again spurring calls for tougher gun control.

Joseph Beck grew up as a gun enthusiast. A few years ago, he decided to make his hobby his career and opened a The Liberty Armory.

"I'm a small business," said Beck. "My job is to service the customers in accordance with state and federal and local laws."

Beck showed us the federal form every buyer who walks into his store must fill out. He says once that is completed, he runs the required background check. If there is nothing unusual, a gun purchase can usually be completed in 20 or 30 minutes.

The fact that you can legally buy a gun during your lunch break has long worried Alexandra Chasse, an active member of Moms Demand Action, a group advocating for tougher background checks.

"We've never said there's one easy solution to all of these, but we're starting to see these mass shooting events where individuals who've raised flags before are still managing to get their hands on a firearm," said Chasse.

Beck says he will turn away any potential customer he thinks shouldn't have a weapon. But, he also points out it's his job to follow the law, not to make it.

"Whatever those laws are, it's what I enforce. It's not my job to legislate, it's not my job as a politician, or a federal officer to do that," said Beck. "So whatever they establish is whatever I follow to the best of my ability, to the letter of the law."

On that point, Chasse, whose family also owns guns, agrees. She says her focus is on the people in elected office.

"We strongly believe that all of our lawmakers regardless of their political affiliation can act more than they have been acting," said Chasse.

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