Police officer changing the community, making a difference with each viral post

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Officer Tommy Norman. (KTRK)

For Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock Police Department, his job as a sworn officer is much more than the standard eight hours of work.

In a world of violence and crime, Norman proves that he's everything a person should be. Approaching 18 years of service as a patrol officer, he says his involvement in the community started much earlier.

"Just being really involved in community service before I became a police officer," Norman told abc13.

Norman patrols a low-income area of North Little Rock. In this community you'll find him constantly dancing with residents, throwing a football, getting on the trampoline with kids and participating in other community outings.

His engagement with the community is what makes this story so special. In fact, his viral videos have been shared by the thousands and his Instagram account currently sits with over 175,000 followers.

"Just saw some many opportunities to get out and engage with people and form relationships," he said. "I kind of took the extra step in putting it on social media."

Yes, he did.

A peruse through Norman's social media accounts highlight the friend, father, brother -- or "Uncle Tommy" -- as those in the community have grown to know him as. A community that looks beyond the uniform.

"You really have to be consistent. If you go into neighborhoods today and you don't come back for three or four months you're going to lose that trust," Norman said. "And those kids are going to be a little bit leery as far as to your intentions."

Aside from the time he spends in the community, Norman also has the normal eight hour patrol duty. Even on his off days Norman finds himself back in the community, making a difference for those who he consider a friend.

"I've been to where a little girl was having brain surgery and her only request was she wanted me there right with her," he added.

Perhaps the message behind it all is to find common ground among each other, to love and treat your neighbor with genuine affection.

"If you can just take two minutes out of the day to go out and make a difference, whether checking on your neighbor if they're elderly, cutting someone's grass, or hold the door for someone," Norman said. "It's really just act of kindness and I think acts of kindness coming from a police officer means that much more to people because that's not something you're used to seeing."

Day by day, "Uncle Tommy" is truly an inspiration to all!

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