Warrants issued after viral Houston street basketball video

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Two Houston men behind a prank video are now wanted for obstructing a highway.

Edward Gonzalez and Roland Zepeda Jr. crave notoriety. It's pretty obvious when you look at their Instagram feed. How else to explain the video of their basketball game in the middle of Houston's highway?

When we talked to Zepeda earlier this week, he was almost proud.

"I don't think it's okay, but I think it's funny," he said at the time.

Now, the cousins are not laughing as much. Houston Police say both are facing obstruction of highway charges. We wanted to find out how they feel about the charges.

Zepeda, concerned about the warrant, was only willing to talk to Eyewitness News through FaceTime.

"We just want to entertain people, with our love and without hate. We're not here to hurt nobody," said Zepeda.

The duo's intentions though, are up for interpretation. Both have dozens of prank videos on Instagram, including one where Luke Wrobel was a target.

"It wasn't a humorous experience when you felt like you were being attacked," said Wrobel, who unwittingly starred in one of the cousins' videos when he stopped at his neighborhood Randall's a few weeks ago.

In the video, Wrobel, wearing a blue shirt, is attacked by one of the guys with a Q-tip aimed at his ear. The entire video shows Gonzalez and Zepeda approaching random people at the grocery store with the Q-tips. Most ran away or looked shocked.

"If I had the opportunity to sue them and press charges, I would have done it at the time," said Wrobel, "But I didn't know who they were."

The cousins are not new to brushes with the law. Both have been arrested numerous times, though Zepeda shrugged it off.

"It is what it is, that's all I got to say about that."

In fact, during our Facetime interview, Gonzalez even shot hoops behind his cousin's head. The two say they don't yet know if they'll turn themselves in. However, after our interview, they managed to upload another prank video online, saying they know police and media are looking for them.

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