Snow blower stolen from church during prayer service

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A thief made off with a snow blower from a Trenton church. (WPVI)

A bold thief preyed on a Trenton church while worshipers were in the middle of a prayer service.

Surveillance pictures from Word Alive Center that show a thief in action stealing a snow blower from a closet in the vestibule of the non-denominational church on Front Street.

It happened Saturday afternoon while about 15 church members attended a prayer service on the other side of an open door.

"It's kind of sad that somebody would come and steal from out of God's house. It's like he had no respect for God's house," said Belithia Bright.

The snow blower was hidden under some rugs in a closet. After struggling to get it out of the church hallway, the thief can be seen pushing the bright yellow machine down Front Street in broad daylight.

"It kind of looks weird in the month of June walking down the street with a snow blower. It shows you the world we live in right now," said Deacon Melvin Phillips.

"I don't know what state of mind, if it was drugs, but I think he really needs to be, probably needs to be helped," said Bishop D.C. Thomas.

The thief also got away with a generator. At points on the tape, he can be seen wearing an ID badge on his waist and speaking into a walkie-talkie.

Bishop Thomas says at first he wasn't going to report the theft to police, but concerned about the safety of his congregation he changed his mind.

He's hoping the crystal clear pictures will help identify this bold criminal.

"We have to get him because if we don't get him he's going to get us again or he's going to get somebody else," said Thomas.

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