Woman attacked in pool: 'I'm going to drown'

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Video shows woman attacking another woman in pool.

It started as a fun family gathering on Memorial Day in League City. Vanessa Guillen and her kids went to visit her sister at an apartment complex. They, along with other family members, had plans to spend the afternoon at the apartment pool.

Guillen has three kids. She says the children of a woman at the pool took her kids' pool toy. Thirty minutes later, Guillen approached the woman and requested the pool toys back. Guillen says the woman returned them but then became agitated.

"My kids and my nephew were swimming by and she was telling them not to swim by them and they could swim somewhere else," said Guillen.

After that, Vanessa's sister, Jessica, approached the woman to ask if something was wrong.

"I said,'Hey, do you have a problem with my son swimming by you?' Then she got kind of furious and stood up and started screaming and cussing," said Jessica.

Jessica said soon after the woman pulled her into the pool and forced her head under water, holding it there. Jessica was left gasping for air. She pulled her head up she said, only to get pushed under water again. The entire incident was captured on surveillance video.

"All that was going through my head was, 'I'm going to drown, on Memorial Day in front of my daughter, my son and my family'," she said.

Guillen saw the whole thing and started screaming for help.

"It felt like hours. The minutes, felt like hours," said Guillen.

Jessica's uncle and brother pulled her to safety.

As the woman started to run off, Jessica snapped a picture of her.

League City police say the this is a person of interest in Jessica's assault and they want to talk to her.

"Doing that in the presence of children is just insane. I don't even know, there are no words to describe it," said Guillen.

Jessica says she had scratches, bruises, a black eye and for several days her neck was too stiff to move it. She's doing better now.

According to Jessica, the suspect drove off in a white Lexus.

If you have any information on the person of interest you're asked to call Officer James Crosson at 281-554-1886 or you can e-mail him at james.crosson@lcpd.com. You can reference case number #16-3255.

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