EXCLUSIVE: Former Texan Arian Foster speaks out about rehabilitation process

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Former Texan Arian Foster is training to return after an Achilles tear. (KTRK)

In part two of our exclusive sit-down with former Texans running back, Arian Foster, we dig deep into his rehabilitation process. Foster trains at his brother's gym, IX Innovations. Foster is coming back from an Achilles tear use to end careers, but he is training to change that perception.

"Obviously I have had a lot more time to train, because I am not at the facilities going to meetings and doing their workouts," says Foster. "Everything I am doing is tailored specifically to what my body needs."

His brother Abdul adds, "One of Arian's better off-seasons was the year of the lockout. That was one of his better off-seasons, mainly because he could focus on his craft."

Arian says these training sessions aren't too different than what he did in the past, but they are incorporating more preventative measures. Fidose "Dose" Khan is the head trainer at IX Innovations, and says Arian is at the gym six hours a day.

"He will do a lot of things for his hips his hamstrings then, with the mini bands, for his glutes, then some reactive stuff with the balls:" says Khan. "After we were done with that, he did a rotational circuit, for his core. Then we went through a cardio circuit that lasted four rounds. And that was just the AM workout."

Abdul Foster thinks Arian can return back to form, or perhaps even better. That's physically and mentally.

"To say he is probably in one of the better place he has been in his life," says Abdul Foster. "Yea, that is probably true."

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