Beautiful 'Blood Dress' goes viral and puts a twist on milk splash photography

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Beautiful 'blood dress' goes viral (Stolen Innocence Photography)

Who knew buckets of fake blood could be used to create something so beautiful? Photographer Melissa Trotter did, and she used her camera and careful editing to prove it with this stunning blood dress.

Trotter runs Stolen Innocence Photography, a studio specializing in "alternative theme photography."

"I was inspired by the milk dress shoots that have been out for a while now and because of the darker types of themes I enjoy shooting, creating the dress out of blood was definitely something I was dying to do," said Trotter.

So how did she do it?

Trotter had model Anja Love's body painted with red paint for extra coverage and makeup artist, Sherri Landsman created the perfect look to compliment Trotter's vision.

"Then I took multiple shots of the blood both draping her body, as well as flying through the air towards her," said Trotter.

The fake blood is a combination of icing sugar, cocoa powder, food coloring, and water.

The final image took eight hours to complete and is actually about 10 images stitched together in Photoshop. Trotter posted the image on her Facebook page and its been shared near 3k times.

"In terms of the response I've received, it's been overwhelmingly positive and while I'm still not exactly sure why it's happened, my model and makeup artist and I are absolutely over the moon with how much people seem to like it," said Trotter. "We did the shoot because it was something we wanted to see and we're thrilled that others want to see it as well."

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