Floodwater takes over vehicles, homes near Spring Creek.

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Floodwater takes over vehicles near Spring Creek. (KTRK)

Many people living along the Harris-Montgomery county line are flooded out from an overflowing Spring Creek.

Jim O'Brien lives on Sanders Road off US 2920. He's watching the water creep closer and closer to his house.

"You have to always be ahead of the game," said O'Brien. "We are talking two to three hours ahead of the game. You can't wait until you see it right there."

He's moved everything out of his garage, preparing for the worst. Taking us behind his house, O'Brien showed abc13 where the water has already flooded out his shed. After the Tax Day floods, he says he wasn't ready for another round of high water so soon.

"This could be the new normal," he said.

One street over, an abandoned U-Haul truck bobs in water that's flooded out part of Roberts Cemetery Road.

The driver was rescued by wrecker driver Clayton Lauder.

"Oh the current was bad," Lauder said, talking about what it looked like late Thursday.

Lauder said he tied rope around his own waist, secured himself to the truck, then waded in to get the stranded mover.

"I knew it was going to be high but I didn't know it was going to be that high," Lauder said.

His plan was to go back in for the man's stuff but the water swallowed the U-Haul.

"Within ten minutes the current came up and we couldn't get to the truck anymore," he said.

At a flooded neighborhood in nearby Hockley, Miriam Nathanson waited for her boss to pick her up for work.

"I said you can come and get me and then I will go to work," Nathanson said.

Not worth chancing it, Nathanson told us. She left her flooded yard behind, praying the water stays away from her home.

Red Cross has opened a shelter in Hempstead to serve people who people affected by flooding in this area.

The shelter is located inside the First Baptist Church at 445 Main Street in Hempstead, Texas.

The Red Cross says its monitoring weather conditions and working with Emergency Management officials. Volunteers and supplies have been positioned throughout the Houston area.

The shelter is open 24 hours a day, providing a warm, dry place to stay food and emotional support for area residents who are not able to remain at their homes due to storms and flooding.

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