A life-saving pool fence for this Memorial Day weekend

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There's a number of things you should do to get your pool ready for a safe season.

The official start of summer is just around the corner and there's a number of things you should do to get your pool ready for a safe season.

"Just making sure and preparing them to jump in the pool, at least the first few times, being around when they do, because they have a swim for a good six months. So, I want them to make sure that they're comfortable in the water," said mother of two Jenny Glass. "I think it's all about taking precautions and being safe and teaching your children."

Along with a quick swimming lesson, Glass is making sure her pool gates are properly latched and locked. Glass installed the gates when she purchased her home many years ago. She said it's helped to keep her young kids away from the pool when she's not with them.

"I love the fence. It's been great not only for my kids, but also for other kids who come swimming with parents not being around," said Glass.

Glass said the gates have given her peace of mind.

There are a number of other poolside safety tips as well. First, make sure that all your pool gates have a lock. Also, clear any toys from in or near your pool area along with furniture or other items that can cause children to trip and fallen into the pool including pool vacuum cords. Another important tip, make sure at a life preserver is visible in your pool area. And make sure you do a walk around the pool before anyone gets in.

"Things can always happen, yes. We are always keeping an eye on them," said Glass.

Glass said nothing can take the place of good swimming lessons and a vigilant parent.

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