Heights-area restaurant owner hopes police soon nab burglars

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A restaurant owner in the Heights has been the target of multiple robberies, and some of them have been caught on tape.

Burglars in the Heights are coming well-equipped and using serious force to break-in to restaurants and bars.

The latest burglary was at Cedar Creek on W. 20th. The restaurant, known for its patio, was hit twice last week. The first break-in was Monday. The thieves left empty-handed. The second time was early Friday morning.

General Manager Olivia Joelle believes it was the same group of men who came back with a sledgehammer and crowbar. Surveillance video shows them get through one layer of security before they zero in on the safe.

"They're just determined to get in no matter what," said Joelle.

The burglars struck long after closing time. The video shows four masked men taking turns with the sledgehammer to pound on the safe. They also tried to break the camera but all they did was give it a better angle.

After a few minutes, they finally break open the safe, grab the cash and take off. Meantime, Joelle was getting the alarm call.

"Nope, it's not a good call. I would definitely prefer if I didn't get these calls anymore," Joelle said.

That's why the restaurant wants more people to see the video. Cedar Creek's sister establishments have also been plagued by break-ins this year, along with other Heights eateries and bars. Management doesn't think this one group of guys is responsible for all, but they believe catching them is important.

"They're going to keep doing it at different places until they get caught," Joelle said. "We don't want this to happen to anyone else. We all have businesses to run and we want to do it as safely as possible without criminals coming in and stealing."

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