Man seeking cans finds baby's body inside dumpster in SE Houston

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Man sifting through trash finds body of baby in dumpster, Kevin Quinn reports.

Police are investigating the death of a newborn baby, discovered in a southeast Houston dumpster.

Just before 10am, Ricky Rigsby was collecting cans in one of the dumpsters inside an apartment complex in the 200 block of Truxillo. He says when he opened a plastic bag, he made the grisly discovery.

"I just opened up the bad and the baby fell out it scared me. It was all I could do was to try and get help," said Rigsby.

He saw what appeared to be a newborn baby. In disbelief, he ran for help.

"It's just sad. Its very sad, very sad," he said.

Joseph Adams was in the area Wednesday and something about the dumpster caught his attention.

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Kevin Quinn takes a look inside the dumpster where baby was found.

"Flies, big flies. Not small ones, but bigger," said Adams. He didn't think much of it at the time. But now he can't fathom what happened here.

"I actually want to cry because that was somebody who didn't even have a chance at life," Adams said.

Police can't say how long the baby might have been in the dumpster, if it was alive when left there, who left it or why they did. They've found no one who saw the infant left inside the dumpster. At this point they're not able even to tell us the gender of the child.

"They found what appeared to be a newborn baby, still with the umbilical cord attached inside of the dumpster," said Houston Police Sgt. Anthony Turner.

Those who live in the apartments nearby are saddened by this, whatever the circumstances.

"I feel like it's disgusting. The mom need to be, something did (happened) to her. Or whoever did it," said nearby resident Shonetta Rogers.

The Harris County Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy on the infant to determine the cause of death. That will go a long way in helping police decide what charges, if any to pursue.

If you know anything about this case, please contact police.

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