Growing call for change in neighborhood where boy was stabbed

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Homeless problems in neighborhood where boy was stabbed to death. (KTRK)

In the neighborhood where 11-year old Josue Flores was stabbed to death, there is a growing call for change. Flores never made it home Tuesday evening.

An attacker killed him shortly after he left Marshall Middle School, according to investigators.

Flores' daily walk to his house off James and Fulton Street wasn't far. Neighbors like Rose Richard warned the journey might be worrisome.

Richard said in addition to boarded up buildings and trash piles, there is a bigger and unaddressed problem. She pointed to the visible homeless population and says the city needs to step in soon.

"It's scary. You kind of don't want go out by yourself. Can't get your gas. Can't go to the grocery store because people are coming up to you. Asking you for something. Can I get a dollar?" said Richard. "It's terrible. It's absolutely terrible."

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Che Lajuan Calhoun, 31, was arrested in connection with Flores' death. Police officers said Calhoun is homeless.

Near the growing memorial to Flores, you'll easily spot homeless men and women wandering the streets.

Gary Marci is staying at a shelter. Marci says people can get into trouble easily.

"I'll tell you what the problem is. There are a lot of people out here who are lonely. A lot of people are sad. A lot of people are in bad situations. A lot of people are angry at themselves," said Marci. "They take it out by abusing things that are around them such as drugs, drinking, and Kush."

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Acting Police Chief Marth Montalvo addressed the killing.

"This was a traumatic event for the community. It was a traumatic event for us," said Montalvo. "In terms of the homeless population, that's problem throughout the city."

Montalvo said there are officers assigned to a mental health unit. She said officers try to connect homeless individuals with city resources to get help.

"It's an issue of resources and trying to address a large problem," added Montalvo. "That is a societal problem."

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