Swarm of killer bees sting two dogs to death

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The bees that killed Milo and Gunner are believed to be Africanized killer bees (KTRK)

A swarm of believed Africanized killer bees stung two dogs to death and terrorized a neighborhood over the weekend.

Several people were stung, and a number of birds were also victims in a frightening situation in Concord, California.

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An angry swarm attacked and killed a pit bull in its own backyard, and neighbors worry these bees could easily do the same to a child.

Neighbors say the bees have been pounding their windows trying to get inside their homes and cars, leaving police helpless to find an answer to the community's problem.

A bee keeper says he believed the honey bees are Africanized, attacking anything and everything outdoors.

Two dogs, Milo and Gunner, were found dead after the swarm arrived in the community.

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A car filled with thousands of bees was pulled over by Montana Police.

Their veterinarian says she stopped counting after she pulled out 50 stingers from each dog.

The bee keeper says he'll continue to work to try to eliminate the bees.

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