Four horses stolen from Cypress farm during flooding

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A Cypress man said that his four horses were stolen during April's historic flooding.

On a beautiful day out in Cypress, Ken Derby is still working hard to clean up up after the April flooding. Not only did Mother Nature leave a mess, but four of his babies were stolen.

"At the wrong timing, we're all under water," said Derby.

Four of his horses were stolen. A stallion, mare, gelding and a colt were weathering the storm inside a locked up barn.

"Here's the chain that was on the fence, here's the lock," Derby explained. "The stallion -- we paid $5,000 for it, the mare and the gelding we paid $1,000 a piece for and the colt, he was just born out of that mayor."

He said he called authorities and got nothing.

"The SPCA didn't come get them, the Houston Livestock didn't come get them, the sheriff's department livestock division didn't come get them," he said.

Derby is convinced a group of people who knew what they were doing are responsible.

"I pity them. Sooner or later, they will get caught," he said.

While he waits for some clue or a phone call from police, he continues to work away in spite of his health and how devastated this situation has made him feel.

"It's anger. I have to control myself 'cause I have heart problems," he said. "If I lose my temper, I'm gonna die."

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