Families worried about their future after historic flooding

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Families worried about future after historic flooding, Chauncy Glover reports. (KTRK)

After the historic flooding last month, many families across the area are struggling to return to their normal lives.

"Everyday is a struggle, but we're hanging in there," Jennifer Ukeju said.

Ukeju has three kids and one on the way. Life for them isn't the same.

"As a mom and you're not able to provide for your babies or you're taken out of your normal habitat and put in a situation where you've got so learn how to survive. It's very difficult," she said.

On the morning of April 18, the kids woke up crying and screaming because their bed was surrounded by water.

"They rescued us in floats. They took us to Greenspoint Mall," Ukeju said.

The family survived the deadly tax day floods, rescued from their Green Point apartment. Now, they call Baymont Inn Suites home. Everything they have is in one hotel room and food is scarce.

"Coming from where we come from, we cook every day. The hotel serves us a good hot breakfast. That's a good hot meal to start us off with and through the day its noodles, Vienna's non-perishable food items," said Ukeju.

The Ukeju's are among hundreds of other families displaced, now living in hotels. Right now, the city is housing 434 people staying in 141 hotel rooms.

"We all get together and we talk because we have to hold each other up in this hotel," said Lashauda Robinson.

"I have no idea where I'm going to go. We were told we could be here until May 6th," added Ukeju.

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A total of 17 apartment complexes were destroyed in the floods. Most of these families can only depend on assistance from the city and the government. Ukeju and Robinson have both filled out all the paperwork for help from FEMA.

"I'm just trusting the process," said Ukeju.

The only thing these mothers can do is just wait, hoping and praying they'll be able to keep a roof over their children's head.

"I'm concerned, but I'm praying," said Robinson.

"I can't allow my children to see me cry and weep. They give me the courage and then the strength to keep going each day. And at the end of each day I know that I've got 3 babies and one coming that's depending on me and I've got to keep pushing," said Ukeju. "What I do tell them is we can't complain. We can't grumble. We can't gripe. We have to be grateful for our lives."

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