Humble man accused of being married to three different women

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An Humble man is accused of having multiple wives, and it was the women who put it all together, authorities said.

Victor Miguel Estrada is three-times married, that we know of, but never divorced. All three of his wives are from the Humble area.

"I would catch him in lies," said Elizett Estrada.

One day she got into his Facebook account and got an eyeful.

"I noticed there was a woman that had messaged him and basically said she had been looking for him for a divorce," she told us.

That message was from 25-year-old Mayra Roman. Roman says she and Estrada dated during her freshman year of high school. The reconnected during her senior year and he convinced her to run away and marry him.

"I got pregnant in February. By May, we were done because he was an abusive person," she said.

Roman tells us she sent divorce papers to his parents' house in 2008. Since then, she's tried to get in touch with him directly and through family on Facebook but had no luck. She tearfully explained that she needs him to sign divorce papers so she can remarry.

"I have to put Estrada because I'm legally married to him. That's not fair. He can move on and be married to other girls. I can't," she said.

A spokesman for the Harris County Clerk's Office said, "There is no way to know whether each applicant who appears to apply for a marriage license is married or was previously married, except for the information each person provides in response to the question on the application regarding the issue."

We were able to find three marriage licenses with just a quick search of "Victor Miguel Estrada." When we presented that information to Clerk's Office, the response was: "It's unfortunate that these things happen. But we're not a policing agency."

"He needs to be stopped," Elizett Estrada said.

Victor was charged with bigamy last year. He's out on bond. These women say if the system in place won't do it, maybe the best way to stop him is to put him on blast.

"We want those girls to know he's not the person you think he is," Mayra Roman says. "And we all fell for it."

We spent several hours trying to track Victor Estrada down. Our attempts were not successful.

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