Meth-laced bag in child's backpack sparks investigation

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CPS is investigating at least one family after a baggie that tested positive for meth was brought to a day care in Baytown.

Jaquae Hudson is thrilled to be back in his mother's arms.

When asked if he missed his mommy Jamie Hughey this weekend, he mutters a quiet "Yes."

The four-year-old and his younger brother Jayceon Hudson had to stay with relatives this weekend because Child Protective Services (CPS) were looking into whether Jaquae brought drugs to his Head Start class.

"They're accusing him of bringing drugs to school and bringing it to the little girl and the little girl took it to her parents," says a clearly frustrated Hughey.

Last Thursday, a little girl at the Baytown Head Start program on North Pruett Street brought home a baggie with white residue in her backpack. The next day, her mother reported it and turned the baggie over to Head Start, which then quickly called Baytown police.

"When the officers arrived, he did field test the little bit of contents that was left inside the plastic bag, and the content did test for meth," said Det. Luzette Watkins of Baytown PD.

Police say the little girl told the school that Jaquae Hudson was the one who gave her the bag. That led to the CPS investigation. On Friday, Hughey took both her boys to be tested for drugs. Everything turned up negative, but CPS still required the children to stay with a relative for the weekend.

"My child did not bring drugs to school, my child did not bring a backpack, and I carried my child to the classroom," said Hughey.

As of Monday, CPS still isn't done with the investigation. However, both boys can now spend the night with their moms. Hughey also underwent a drug test, in hopes of clearing her name.

Hughey says she doesn't understand why CPS took the word of a four-year-old, and she is not the only mother worried. Several other moms met up with Eyewitness News at the Head Start offices. They said they are upset that the school, which is run by the Harris County Department of Education, did not notify parents on Friday of the meth found in a bag.

"The point is they failed to let us know something like this happened," said Jackie Verduzco, a mother who is now going to get her four-year-old son tested for drugs.

The Harris County Department of Education told Eyewitness News that it did not notify parents of the investigation on Friday because it did not want to compromise the police investigation. Baytown police, though, told Eyewitness News that a notification on Friday would not have jeopardized its investigation in any way.

You can read the HCDE Head Start here. In addition, both Hudson boys have been pulled out of the Head Start program by their mother.

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