High school student who takes 37 dates to the prom is crowned prom king

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Sammy went to prom with 37 dates and was crowned prom king (KTRK)

Most guys have enough trouble finding one person to take to the prom, but Sammy Lamar is not like most guys. He was asked to prom by 37 different ladies.

"It doesn't matter if you're a freshman or a senior. Everyone knows Sam," said student, Abby Harvey.

Sammy, a student at Penn Cambria High School in Pennsylvania was born with special needs. His mom, Diana Lamar, told WJAC, he's been in the district for 16 years and this is his final year as a student at Penn Cambria.

"I think other parents with special needs kids understand that your biggest fear when they start school is that they're going to be picked on or made fun of or bullied," says Sammy's mom, Diana Lamar. "They already have enough going on that they don't need that too. We've never, ever encountered that at Penn Cambria. The kids here have been amazing."

Karingtin Sklodowski, one of Sammy's many beloved classmates, was the mastermind behind the massive invite.

"It makes me feel great knowing that he's going to have this memory forever that every senior should have," said Sklodowski. "They should all have that memory of enjoying senior prom and to remember it for a lifetime."

Sklodowski asked Sammy's teacher about bringing him to prom at the beginning of this school year. Turns out, so was everyone else.

The girls wrote out the request in big letters on poster boards, "Will you go to prom with us?" and surprised Sammy in the school gymnasium.

"It's very heartwarming to be able to have him here with us. He is a part of the class of 2016 so like I said before, he should have the moment that all seniors get to have and seeing him in his tux and how nice he looks, his sunglasses and his smile. It just makes senior prom the top (event)."

Even though Sammy didn't have his crown until later Saturday night, he was treated like the king he is all day long.

"I told my mom as long as Sammy gets king. That's all I care about," says Karingtin. "I don't care who gets queen. Anybody deserves queen but Sammy definitely deserves king."

The next big event for Sammy is graduation on June 4th.

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