Stressed out? Yoga may be your key to relief

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Stressed out? Yoga may be your key to relief (KTRK)

A great deal of people are using yoga to help them deal with stress. One reason -- it helps you slow down and focus. So here are a few yoga exercises beginning with the simplest one of all, breathing.

Try breathing in with one nostril and out the other. It slows down your breathing, helps ease anxiety, relieves tension and gets both sides of the brain working together.

The next pose is called Cat-Cow. You breathe in like a cat, and out like a cow. This relieves stress on the body and the muscles.

Pose number three is called Uttanasana. This is a position that allows blood to flow to your head.

And last, but not least, the Savasana or "Corpse Pose." This pose gives your body a much deserved rest after a hard workout or long day at the office. After this pose you will have more energy and reduce that unwanted stress.

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