Thieves steal Boy Scouts trailer full of equipment, trophies outside Pasadena church

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Thieves stole a Boy Scouts trailer outside Pasadena church, leaving a bunch of young boys high and dry.

A trailer was stolen right from a Pasadena church parking lot, but it's what was inside this trailer that has left a lot of young boys disappointed.

Boy Scout troop 199 of Pasadena is now making due with what they have.

We found them Tuesday evening in synch presenting the colors. But something was missing. The young men can't raise their own troop flag because they no longer have it.

Their trailer parked at the First United Methodist Church on Fairmont was stolen last week. Inside the trailer was their flags, equipment, trophies, everything they needed.

"We had everything we use for camping in there and just installed some new things in there," said Scout Adrian Alvarado.

"I just started crying actually. It was heartbreaking because these boys have worked so hard for everything that we have. We just bought all new tents last year," added Penny Absten.

"We been building on this thing for a really long time. Eight years," said Michael Absten.

The trailer was a gift to the troop.

"We had been praying for this trailer for a couple of years now and then God gives us one and then somebody takes it," added the scout leader.

Pasadena Police Detective Brandon Marshall showed up to Tuesday night's meeting.

"Do you have any leads?" Asked one boy.

No leads, but Detective Marshall assured them police were on the case.

"This is a terribly bad story, not only stealing from the church but stealing from the Boy Scouts," he said.

But these boys are accustomed to survival.

"On the road of life there's always downtown always obstacles that you have to go through and then I'm guessing this is one of those obstacles that we got to go through," said Alvarado

"I have full confidence in the city of Pasadena and in this community that if we don't find the trailer and get it back, we're going to pull together for these kids and make sure they're taken care of," added Detective Marshall.

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