Flood relief organizations report volunteer thefts

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We've seen what really makes Houston great in the aftermath of historic flooding. But it appears not everyone has same intent when signing up to volunteer.

In the aftermath of the historic floods, we've seen what really makes Houston great: neighbors helping neighbors in a tremendous outpouring of support in communities across Houston.

But it appears not everyone has that same intent when signing up to volunteer.

Harvest Time Church was the epicenter of the flood relief effort in the Greenspoint area. The pastor tells us they served about 10,000 people, but it would have been more if not for a few sticky-fingered volunteers.

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"We ran out of items and we tried the best we could to proportion the items so everybody could have some," says Bishop Shelton Bady. "But there were some who volunteered and just set aside items for their family and friends."

Dozens of volunteers worked tireless hours at Harvest Time Church. But behind the scenes, Bishop Shelton Bady says a few were not so genuine. Some hid items under tables. We're told one sneaked donated diapers to her friends.

"There were some people who we asked please do not do that. And even though we asked them not to, they continued to come back. One person in particular would not leave the campus. They waited around for a few hours for every new thing to try and grab and hoard," Bishop Bady says.

By the end of the week a short orientation was required, and staff kept a closer eye on all volunteers. Bishop Bady explains that he understands how that may have made the majority of the well-intentioned volunteerse feel.

"I will apologize if someone volunteered at our site and saw the structure and was somewhat offended by that. But our intent was to make sure everyone in need received."

Daily distribution for people affected in Greenspoint is now at Fallbrook Church. It's covered mainly by church staff that'll make sure history doesn't repeat itself.

"Our number one safeguard is we have a staff person from our church there throughout the entire operation, and also our leadership, our deacons," says Fallbrook Church Executive Pastor Olus Holder.

Bishop Bady is one of the pastors working on the H-Town Cares Flood Recovery Initiative. He's on the committee that will decide how the money and resources are dispersed.

"No matter what system you put in place, some people are very keen and they take advantage. But as far as the organizational part, we wanna be a little tighter in our distribution of items and resources," he said.

Harvest Time will continue to distribute items to people affected by the flood on Mondays.

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