'Military Tea Time' photos show the bond between military parents and kids

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A professional photographer and U.S. Navy veteran from Monterey has created a touching series of photos highlighting the bond between military parents and their children. (KGO)

As a mom and Navy veteran, Vanessa Hicks knows that military family life can be challenging. That's why she decided to celebrate the bond between military parents and their kids in a series of photos called "Military Tea Time Mini Sessions."

"I have always wanted to find ways to honor the military community," said Hicks. "The motivation for these sessions was the fact that April is the Month of Military Child. As much as we honor our service members, these military children make sacrifices behind the scenes! I thought that creating an intimate moment with the child and their hero, their parent, would be great!"

Hicks described the military dads as being "not too sure" at first as they sit in too-small chairs with a tea set before them, but they quickly warm up to the idea.

"I take pictures behind the dads' shoulders to capture the girls' faces and if the dads are seeing what I'm seeing,they see their daughters' faces light up," said Hicks.

PHOTO GALLERY: Military Tea Time Mini Sessions

So far, only dads and daughters have signed up for the sessions, but Hicks hopes to photograph her first military mom and son duo soon.

"I am so happy with the response and the love that has come from these pictures! That is what I wanted to portray," said Hicks. "Just the love and the happiness between a child and a parent, who happens to serve our country!"

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