Spring Creek is becoming a 'slow moving' disaster

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Jeff Ehling at Spring Creek. (KTRK)

Spring Creek is expected to fall but that all depends on what happens today with the rain.

The creek is still very much out of its banks, in fact, it's so high people cannot get to the street closest to the creek.

Montgomery County deputies say there are many stretches of the road, near the creek that are off limits and that the water is still too high to cross.

Residents who live along Spring Creek are already cleaning out their flooded homes since the last few days.

"We're helping to clean her house out and get all wet stuff get ready to pull dry wall out we got washer dryers sofa chairs tables a lot of it is falling apart cause of the water we just cleaning the house out so we can start rebuilding again," said Sonya Kerr, helping flood victims.

Throughout the day Tuesday, Montgomery County had to rescue boaters and people who went out in rafts or drove into high water.

Sheriff's Deputies say they hope the water levels keep falling today.

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