Documents containing personal information found in lot

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Personal documents found in lot, Deborah Wrigley reports. (KTRK)

League City police are investigating exactly what was in paperwork left beside a subdivision model home.

Neighbors say it contained copies of driver licenses, cancelled checks, and home sale contracts.

A builder's representative said it contained only floor plans and color selections, which is the company's property to dispose of.

Several homeowners in the Hidden Lakes subdivision said they saw the paperwork in a lot next to the model home, and looked through it.

"I found my home survey," said Jeremy Guthrie. "We couldn't find a copy of our escrow check, which some neighbors did."

Amanda Lister moved into her home more than a year ago. Tuesday night, she said she found documents specific to her.

"I found my paperwork and other people's paperwork, and word traveled fast and we just wanted our stuff."

The model home owned by Megatel Builders is for sale. A representative of the company says Megatel is now beginning work on a new development north of Houston.

"There is no driver's license information -- no banking information in the papers. Only floor plans and color selection," he said by phone. He said he didn't know why some homeowners claimed otherwise.

Those same homeowners said it was also paperwork from home sales in Fort Bend County, including driver licenses and copies of sale contracts that they found.

All the paperwork was collected Tuesday night by League City Police. About a dozen boxes are now in an evidence room, for technicians to examine.

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