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Rodeo trail rider thanks kids for well wishes after horse fall

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Kathy Pusser was worried she traumatized the children who witnessed her fall, but it turns out she had nothing to worry about.

For Kathy Pusser life changed in a matter of seconds. She was passing Condit Elementary School in Bellaire in February with a group of trail riders when she was thrown off her horse. She said a group of horses in the team got loose and knocked Kathy and her horse down. After that, she said the wagon hit her.

"The front of the wagon hit my face then as the horse brought the front of the wagon around, the wheels ran us over," said Kathy Pusser, a trailer rider.

She suffered serious injuries. She's had numerous surgeries and was in the hospital for a month.

"I have five broken ribs, a collapsed lung, broken ear bones in my ear, a spinal fracture," she said, just to name a few.

She was also hurting on the inside too. She was worried about the students that were watching the trail ride that day.

"For children to have to witness that and how it would affect them, that just really has been worrying me," said Pusser.

Then she got letters. Dozens of them poured in. All unique and handmade.

"Dear Ms. Kathy Pusser," she said, as she read the letters to us.

She was grinning and laughing as she looked at each one. The letters were from the fifth graders at Condit Elementary School, the very school and students she had been worried about.

"When I got the cards two weeks ago, I felt so much better. They're so brave and strong. I was so proud of them. I just wanted to come and they could see I was okay and I could get hugs and thank them," she said.

That's just what she did. On Tuesday afternoon, just a couple of weeks after she left the hospital, she made her first big trip out. She went to Condit Elementary. She told the students how honored she was as her eyes filled with tears. Then came the massive group hug from the fifth grade class.

She said she looks at the cards when she's having a tough time. It's inspiration on her road to recovery.

"At least it's a road I can make. I could be a vegetable in a wheelchair," said Pusser.

Lathy was riding with Los Vaqueros Rio Grande trail riders. One of the group's organizers said they do plan to make some changes. They plan to have more horses along the ride to help set the pace so it's less likely one horse will get ahead of another.

There is a benefit For Kathy Pusser from 11am-5pm April 23rd at the Conroe VFW Hall, 1303 W. Semands Street.

Money raised will help pay for surgeries Pusser still needs.

You can also donate to her GoFundMe page.

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