Fast food workers smash windows after gas leak prank call

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Employees at yet another Burger King restaurant fell victim to a terrible prank (KTRK)

Police say a real whopper of a prank could lead to felony charges after employees at yet another Burger King smash out the windows of the restaurant.

Ethan Grewe, an employee at a Minnesota Burger King, says he helped shatter the windows after they received a call that there was a gas leak at their location.

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"I guess I was a little scared," Grewe says. "My other co-workers were doing it, so I just followed along."

Employees say the caller identified themselves as a police office. The fast food workers were then directed to break out the windows to ventilate the restaurant and prevent an explosion.

Similar pranks have happened at restaurants in Arizona, California and Oklahoma, all with similar results.

Burger King says it has told its employees if they get such a call in the future, they should walk out of the building and call 911.

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