Students' beer pong game stirs race controversy

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Students and parents say they are offended by a beer pong game allegedly played by students. (KTRK)

Was it racism or just foolish teenage behavior?

School officials are investigating after a group of high school students were caught playing a very controversial game of beer pong.

It's known as 'Alcoholocaust,' and it pits players into teams-the Jews vs. the Nazis.

Jamaica Ponder, a student at Princeton High School, says she was shocked when she saw the photo on Snapchat.

"I took a screenshot, and I initially wasn't going to do anything with it, but I showed a close friend," Ponder says. "She expressed to me she had been at the party and asked them to stop, and they didn't."

Ponder, who is not Jewish, decided to take to her blog write about what she called "an appalling game."

Cups are arranged in the shape of the Star of David and a swastika.

Some students agreed with Ponder's expose of the game, including Shahiem Brown.

"I think what she did was completely right," Brown says. "This type of behavior needed to get out there, needed the attention. Stuff like this should always come to light."

"I was appalled by events and I think administration needs to do something about this," says student Ben Fine.

Students tell me the game was played over spring break in a private home.

Those involved are seniors, all athletes, and two are student mentors.

Outside the school, some students disagreed with what Ponder did.

"I mean, I think it was a bad game to play, but I think posting it on social media was a bit over the top," says student Brendan Rougas.

Isaac Webb defended the students.

"They could have put it in better terms, could have played a better game, but at the end of the day, it's just a game," says Webb.

Meantime, parents are upset and say that Ponder is becoming the focus of something that was not her doing.

Ponder says the majority of people have supported her.

As for the underage drinking element of this, Ponder's mom says parents need to take responsibility.

"Parents, stop saying boys will be boys and stop saying it's a rite of passage," says Michelle Ponder. "It's damaging and it's hurting our kids."

The superintendent says the school is talking to the individuals involved and their families.

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