Does the paleo diet really work?

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Scientists tested the diet on overweight mice for eight weeks and say the paleo diet produced interesting results. ( file photo)

You've been living under a rock, if you haven't heard of the caveman diet, also known as the paleo diet.

The premise of the diet is that you eat like a hunter gatherer back when cave men walked the Earth. You can eat meat, seafood, eggs, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and some oils like olive, flaxseed or coconut. You can't eat cereal grains, dairy, sugar, potatoes, salt, processed food, and refined vegetable oils.

While many see weight loss and health improvements from the paleo diet, a new study says the weight loss trend, may actually make you put on the pounds!

Scientists at the University of Melbourne in Australia tested the diet on overweight mice for eight weeks and say the paleo diet caused the mice to gain 15 percent of their body weight and increased their insulin levels.

The paleo diet team responded to this study stating that this study was not tested on humans and what the mice ate did not resemble the paleo diet.

Of course, the healthiest diet is one that you can stick to without missing out on important nutrients.

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