Two brothers face off for NCAA title and bragging rights

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Two brothers set to square off in the National Championship game. (KTRK)

It's a family affair for two brothers hitting the court Monday night for the NCAA National Championship game.

"This right here is permanent bragging rights for the rest of our lives," UNC guard Nate Britt said.

Britt and the Tar Heels will face the Villanova Wildcats at NRG Stadium for the ultimate prize. He says he hasn't talked to his brother, Villanova's Kris Jenkins, since yesterday.

"I guess so. I haven't tried to talk to him yet and he hasn't tried to talk to me," Britt added.

The two brothers talked plenty since they were young after the Britt's legally adopted Jenkins in 2007. Britt says the quiet time on a long commute to and from school forged a bond that few can match.

"Taking that road trip to and from school every day. Those were our best memories that we share," he said. "That's when we really built this brotherly bond during that time."

Jenkins says the Britt's helped him grow as a person.

"For them to take me in and accept me for who I was -- helping me grow as a person, as a man," Jenkins said. "For them to do what they did for me it just shows what kind of people they are."

They've competed at everything from basketball to seeing who could put on his seat belt first. Now it's one game for bragging rights. What in the world will Britt's parents do?

"I'm pretty sure they'll sit somewhere as neutral as possible," Britt added. "Just wear plain clothes? Wear plain clothes maybe half-and-half."

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