Street where boy, 3, was hit by truck on lengthy waiting list for speed bumps

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Neighbors say many drivers use the residential street where the child was struck as a cut-through and they just speed through it.

A three-year-old boy who was struck by a hit-and-run driver Saturday and dragged more than 150 feet down the street remains hospitalized with broken bones and a head injury. His father told us he's doing well, considering.

The family lives on Charnwood Street, which neighbors say is a shortcut to the Hardy Toll Road feeder, and speeding is common.

In 2013, homeowners petitioned the city for speed bumps to control speeding. The request was approved, but Abraham Lopez said he was told it would be five years before the devices were installed. The street was put on a long waiting list of neighborhoods asking for the same help.

On Monday, Jeff Weatherford, of Houston's Public Works Department said Charnwood is now number 14 on the list. It's moved up. Even so, it's still at least 3 years away from getting the speed bumps.

It's a popular program, and it isn't inexpensive for the city. In the end, taxes pay for it, and after study, testing and finally, installation, it costs about $5,000 per speed bump.

"We've looked at ways of streamline the program, speeding up the process, but we did not increase the funding," he said.

The program's annual budget is estimated to be about $250,000, and that's stretched out among a lot of neighborhoods asking to be included.

The street may get some interim help.

"We'll get with HPD to see about adding enforcement. If people are using it as a cut-through and speeding, that can be handled by police," Weatherford said.

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