Parents petition against LGBTQ week at middle school

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Some parents of students at Windemere Ranch Middle School in San Ramon are fighting the principal over an LGBTQ acceptance week. (KGO-TV)

Some parents of students at a California middle school are fighting the school over an LGBTQ acceptance week. Some are even threatening to pull their kids out of school.

It started when some students at Windemere Ranch Middle School in San Ramon didn't like what they were hearing others say:

"The kids have been really concerned about hearing words like 'you're so gay,' and 'that's so gay'" said Jennifer Ottley, parent.

Ottley's daughter was one of the students who decided it was time to educate kids about how their words can be hurtful. So they came up with the idea of LGBTQ appreciation week at the school. But when the administration sent home an email about the curriculum, some parents protested. They created an online petition asking that it only be a day, not a week. They're concerned this will indoctrinate children and humiliate those whose religions don't agree with the campaign. The school met with concerned parents and agreed to modify the lesson a bit, but appreciation week is still on.

"This is a message peers wanted to get out to their peers to make sure all students feel comfortable on campus and that's something that's important to us," said School District Spokesperson Elizabeth Graswich.

At school this morning, ABC7 News spoke with dozens of parents. Two feel uncomfortable with it; everyone else we met supports it.

"I'm against it, I don't know how to express it, but it's kind of hard," said Hyunjin park, parent

"I don't know if it is really indicative of the community, we've got no problem needed to be here and now here we are," said Ken Holmes, parent.

"I think it is a good way to inform the kids of certain, current issues," said Karmina Delaney, parent.

"I think it is part of society as we are now. It's good that they're aware of it for the future," said L.D. Grewal, parent.

The school district says it is hoping to avoid the walkout and that this is an ongoing, open conversation. The districts said parents always have the right to pull their kids out of curriculum they don't agree with.

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