7 year-old girl honored for saving dad's life

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A little girl is honored for saving her father by calling 911. (KTRK)

A 7-year-old girl is being called a hero for calling 911 after her father collapsed in their apartment this past February.

Jenna Viloria spent her Spring Break being honored Wednesday at a county 911 Dispatch Center for saving her dads life.

The little hero said, "I saved his life and it's my first time. And my first award."

On February 28, Giovanni Viloria, had a diabetic seizure, fell to the floor unconscious and woke up to paramedics surrounding him.

While on the tour at the dispatch center, Jenna told WJLA that she wanted to meet the person who answered her call that day.

Dispatcher Amanda Poore was the one stayed on the phone for 10 minutes with that little girl and thanks to her mom, Jenna knew her address.

"Jenna's story is a reminder for parents to teach your kids your address and also hang it on the back of your door so it's visible," said Poore.

Jenna is not only a remarkable hero, she also wanted to receive her award during Spring Break so she wouldn't miss school.

"I even want to be a doctor after I be a nurse so I can take care of my family not to get sick."

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