Student outraged over alleged chicken abuse

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Student outraged over alleged abuse of chicken. (KTRK)

A video that appears to show a group of teens tossing around a chicken is causing concern for a local student.

The video was recorded during a church youth group meeting in Katy. In the video, you can see the group of teenagers passing around the chicken. At the end of the "Testing If Chicken Can Fly" video, the chicken hits a wall.

Connor Richmond says the video is wrong.

"I would never do something like that," Richmond said. "I don't think animals should be treated wrongly. They're still beings on this earth."

He saw the video on Snapchat and recorded it. Richmond says his classmate posted the video taken at a Young Life event in Katy.

"A lot of people there, they will say one thing and do one thing," he said. "'You know like I'm very religious and spiritual' and that's fine and then they'll go do something that's completely against those morals they say they believe in."

Since sharing the video on Twitter, Richmond says he has received lots of support from those against animal abuse. His tweet has been retweeted more than 200 times.

He's also lost some friends who were involved in the video.

"I don't think they have malicious intent, he added. "I think they were just messing around and it got out of hand."

A representative from Young Life says the event was a teen building exercise with two live chickens and that no one involved wanted to abuse the chicken.

The chickens are safe and back on a farm in Katy, according to the rep.

The person who recorded the video on Snapchat declined to comment.

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