Man accused of dangerous fire-spitting spree in New York

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Police say a man threatened the public's safety by going on a fire-breathing spree

A bizarre story is unfolding after a man is accused of literally spitting fire at three different public places over the course of a week.

Jeffrey Wasula, 35, is in jail on reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct charges.

Police say it was around 5:41 on March 18 when Wasula interrupted a family fun night at the Church of Holy Spirit in Gloversville.

The calls came flooding into 911 about a fire breather at the church.

"Numerous reports of an individual going from different places, inhaling some sort of an aerosol, then blowing through his mouth and lighting it on fire at the same time," says Capt. Michael Scott.
Six days later, Wasula reportedly did the same thing at Cumberland Farms down the street. Police say he went right to the gas pumps and pulled the same stunt.

"Harmwise, it's endless," Scott says. "It could permanently maim someone. Burn a building down. We've had two arsons recently. It's a big concern for us."

Two days after, police say Wasula continued his antics at the Mohawk Harvest Coop. Over the phone, the manager says it seemed as though Wasula was trying to put on a show.

When the manager asked Wasula to leave, he was met by officers.

"Through our investigation and some of the video footage we were able to see, we were able to identify who the person was," Scott says. "One of our officers walking in the downtown area, made contact with the individual and had taken him into custody at that point."

Wasula is known to police, but they would not expand on his criminal background.

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