Accused bank robber captured after swapping armbands, escaping jail

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Accused bank robber caught after escape from jail.

An accused bank robber is back in custody after spending nearly 24 hours hiding from authorities. Alex Washington was captured Sunday night on Boivar Peninsula.

Washington, 38, was able to trade armbands with another inmate and bond out of the Galveston County jail under that inmate's name around 11:20pm Saturday.

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset called his escape the most creative he's seen in his 33 years of law enforcement.

Someone on the outside went to a bail bond company and paid $100,000 bond for the other inmate - but only Washington walked out jail.

Authorities didn't realize the mistake until about an hour after he was gone.

"I would say anybody that's a serial bank robber with charges of possession of a firearm and to go to these tactics to escape from jail, I'd consider them dangerous," Trochesset said.

Washington was arrested in August for robbing the Patriot Bank in Friendswood. He was jailed on federal bank robbery and gun possession charges in November.

Trochesset says the escape remained private until now because they were trying to follow up on leads before Washington realized jail officials knew of his escape.

Two people are in custody for helping Washington get out of jail.

No other details have been released.

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