Who would buy a bottle of ranch for $1K? This guy

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A Texas man spent $1,000 on a bottle of ranch in a fundraiser (KTRK)

A man paid $1,000 for a typical bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch in Deep Ellum, Texas.

Why would anyone do that? To own a piece of history and to help out a pet shelter in the wake of tragedy, it seems.

Josh Tipton is the new owner of the legendary bottle that was displayed for five years in a wooded case at a local pizzeria beside a sign saying "Side of Delicious Ranch Dressing $1,000."

"It's so legendary," Tipton told local station KTVT. "I've kind of always thought about buying it. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to."

That opportunity came along when Beth Moore, of that pizzeria held a fundraiser after a fire burned down the Humane Society in Beaumont. More than 70 dogs were killed in the blaze. The bottle of ranch was a part of a fundraiser to help the organization.

Tipton, a dog owner himself, was happy to help. He said, "Only in Texas, only in Dallas could you spend $1,000 on a bottle of ranch."

Tipton says he'll never open the bottle - and he probably shouldn't because the expiration date has likely passed!

He says he plans the frame it as a reminder to help others in times of need.

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