Trial continues for man accused of killing couple in Montgomery County crash

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The trial continues in the case of a man who is accused of killing a couple in a crash last May (KTRK)

The trial continues today for the man accused of killing a mother and father in Montgomery County while driving drunk and high last May.

Alejandro Guzman-Lopez, 23, is charged with the deaths of Brad and Shea Frazier, both 21, when he slammed into their SUV on US 59 just south of FM 2090. Their two daughters, ages 2 years and 5 months, were in car seats in the backseat when the accident happened. The children were hurt but have since recovered from their injuries.

Monday, witnesses recounted the moments after the crash in emotional testimony. One good Samaritan recalled Guzman-Lopez originally running from the scene. That man told Eyewitness News at the time, he tackled Guzman-Lopez and held him in a headlock until police arrived.

Brandon Brooks remembers assisting the children while waiting for paramedics to get to the scene.

"All I could see was some babies in the back seat so I did what I could to get the baby out. I peeled the door back, cut her seatbelt, and pulled the car seat out. We did what we could until the paramedics could get there," Brooks said on the stand.

John Frazier, father of Brad, says the hardest part since the accident is his grandchildren growing up without knowing their mother and father.

"Ciana won't have many memories other than the stories we share with her and right now we limit that. We don't want to bring back too many unpleasant memories for her, we want to give her time," Frazier said. "The baby was five weeks so all she will ever know are the stories and that hurts me a good bit."

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