Here are the hottest workout recovery trends

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Foti Kallergis shows new recovery trends. (KTRK)

What's just as important as your workout? Your recovery.

"Everyone is wanting the fast recovery. Everything that is quick, quick, quick," said sports chiropractor Stephen Ford.

Many athletes are trying out new methods of recovery including Normatec, a airbag massage therapy for your legs, arms and hips.

"As it's pushing the blood up to the heart area, it's getting it clean. It's increasing circulation which is imperative for everyone," said owner of Chilled Cryospa Amy Mueller.

Another hot recovery trend right now is cryotherapy. Athletes get in to a chamber that is cooled to subzero temperatures.

"It freezes the body really fast, and it causes the blood vessels to constrict," said Ford.

Swelling goes down within minutes, and an athlete's recovery time is cut by more than half, Ford added.

What you put in your body after a hard workout is just as important as the workout itself, according to sports dietician Paula Mrowczynski-Hernadez.

"Making sure they consume adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrates will help with the recovery," said Hernandez.

Hernandez said there's one thing most likely found in your fridge that's considered an athlete's potion -- chocolate milk.

"It's not necessarily the cocoa or the chocolate, it's the sugar added to it that gives it more carbohydrates," said Hernandez.

High protein yogurts are also great recovery foods, as well as another hot new trend, tart cherry juice.

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