Former Houston Mayor Brown falls during funeral

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Former Houston Mayor Lee Brown had a scare while talking at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. (KTRK)

Former mayor of Houston Lee Brown was taken to the hospital after an accident at a funeral Thursday.

It happened at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Houston's Third Ward

The former 3-term mayor was about a minute into his tribute to a former staff member when his legs gave way and he fell back.

Those sitting behind him were able to catch him, keeping him from hitting the floor.

There were about 125 people in the congregation at the time.

"There was a stillness in the congregation, but people moved into action," said Rev. Patricia Williams with Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. "Those in the pulpit assisted Mayor Brown. We were on the telephone getting other assistance for him as well."

Brown told those in the pulpit that he had recently had a hip and knee replacement. He was taken to the hospital, conscious the entire time. His wife told the church he was grateful for their response and he was able to finish the service.

Brown is 78 years old. He's had an impressive career. He was Houston's first African-American police chief and a three-term mayor here. He was also police commissioner in New York City and President Clinton's drug czar.

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