Someone is killing ducks in Fort Bend County neighborhood

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Residents upset over duck killings in Pecan Grove.

Along Bullhead Bayou in Fort Bend County's Pecan Grove, neighbors told abc13 Muscovy ducks keep disappearing. They fear someone is taking aim at the animals in their picturesque community.

Husband and wife, Alex and Adrienne Maksimov, said they found two dead birds on Wednesday next to the water's edge. They told us this was their fourth deadly discovery.

"We walked over here and saw two of the ducks floating. It was blood splatter," said Adrienne Maksimov. "It looked like they were just killed. You could see bullet holes in their neck."

The couple explained the number of ducks has gone down by at least 10 in the past month.

"I examined them closely. You could see two bullet wounds in their necks," said Maksimov. "They were definitely killed."

Eyewitness News reached out to the game warden. He told our reporter state law puts Muscovy ducks in the same category as wild hogs. If the ducks aren't pets and do end up on someone else's property, they aren't protected.

Others Pecan Grove neighbors said the ducks can prove to be a nuisance and worried about potential health concerns. However, they do not support anybody shooting the birds.

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