911 call: Just before naked woman shut down Highway 290 for 2 hours

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911 call released just moments before naked woman shut down Hwy 290 (KTRK)

It was a scene that literally stopped traffic for hours. A young naked woman on top of an 18 wheeler in the middle of Highway 290 for two hours. The images were seen around the world. The 25 year old is at a mental health hospital.

However, what many people did not know was how she got there in the first place. Jersey Village police tells us that around 9:15 in the morning, the young woman first hit another car at the intersection of Jones Road and Highway 290. She did not stop, and kept driving onto the highway. The woman she hit, however, decided to follow her and call 911 at the same time.

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911 call on naked lady who shut down traffic

Eyewitness News has obtained the 911 recordings of that call. Listen as the victim on the phone decides to follow the black car that just hit her on to Highway 290.

Dispatcher: are you on the main lanes or the service road?

Victim: Right now I'm on the fast lanes towards Cypress, and that car hit me, on the left side.

Dispatcher: What intersection?

Victim: Right now I'm on 290. I'm not exiting because he's not exiting. (At the time, the victim did not know the person who hit her was a woman.

Dispatcher: So you're following him?

Victim: Yes, I'm following him. So right now, my next exit is 1960 but we're gonna keep going straight.

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Naked woman climbs on truck, shuts down 290

At that point, another dispatcher got on the line and directed the woman to stop following the car that hit her and pull over.

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Naked woman shuts down freeway

Second Dispatcher: Did he hit you ma'am?

Victim: Yes ma'am.

Second Dispatcher: Do you have his license plate?

Victim: Yes I have his license plate.

Second Dispatcher: Okay I need you to pull over so we can send you a unit.

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Naked woman on top of big rig stops traffic on Highway 290

The entire phone call lasted less than two minutes. It ended after the victim agreed to stop following the car and go to the police station to file a police report. Just a few minutes after that 911 call, Harris County Sheriff's Office was notified that a naked woman was standing on top of an 18-wheeler.

The entire incident came to an end just after 11 a.m. Monday, when the woman walked off the 18 wheeler and onto an awaiting fire engine. She is at a Harris County mental health hospital. She is not facing any charges. Sources tell Eyewitness News this is not her first mental health related incident. The young woman had apparently been treated at the hospital just a few day prior to the highway incident.

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